Groundplan is our powerful WordPress plugin with time-saving event management tools for cultural institutions that connect your work, your people and your stories to your audience.

Arts organizations and cultural institutions thrive based on their ability to create excitement for the work they’re doing. Groundplan offers an extensible, streamlined event calendar that gives your website the power to easily showcase the best of your organization, using the vibrant materials you already have available. You’ll be able to…

  • Update your events instantaneously.
  • Introduce the variety of talented people involved with your work.
  • Build an open, engaging company voice that can interact with your audience and the media.
  • Rapidly adapt to future changes in web technology.

The tools that Groundplan offers will keep current patrons invested in your success and help attract new ones.

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Groundplan Pro

Event and venue management plus configurable responsive event calendars, built on WordPress.

  • Use on 1 live site & 1 staging site


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Groundplan Pro – PatronManager Sync Add-On

Sync PatronManager data into your Groundplan events.

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Groundplan Pro – People Add-On

Add related artists to events, with support for headshots, bios, and more.

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* Prices listed are in USD. Prices are for a 12 month term only. All licenses must be renewed after 12 months from date of purchase for continued software updates and support access.



Groundplan now offers a integration with our ticketing partner PatronManager that includes:

  • Built-in event and season calendars
  • One-click syncing of event data and event instances
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Plus, available custom object syncing and database visualizations

Groundplan Pro – PatronManager Sync Add-On

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* Requires Groundplan Plugin. Prices listed are in USD. Prices are for a 12 month term only. All licenses must be renewed after 12 months from date of purchase for continued software updates and support access.


For customers with a desire for faster load times with managed and scalable storage and costs, we offer managed hosting configurations powered by Roots Trellis and Digital Ocean.

Our managed hosting themes like Archetype come packed with tested WordPress plugin features to help support a reliable, fast-loading website with features that work under the hood to optimize how your site looks to the world.

  • GravityForms custom form builder.
  • Security features to prevent brute-force attacks and other common exploits.
  • WP Smush Image compression.
  • URL Redirect management.
  • The SEO Framework SEO management and assessment for Pages, Posts, and Events.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Optional integration with an Amazon S3-powered Content Delivery Network (CDN) for fast loading media.
  • Daily offsite backup protection.
  • Secure hosting (https) to protect your patrons’ data at every step.
  • Managed site upgrades and security patches, scheduled around your busiest times.
Buy Archetype Managed Hosting ($150/month)

Tech Specs


We’ve managed WordPress sites on all kinds of systems, and some solutions are better than others. Our managed hosting configuration, build on Digital Ocean’s industry-leading data centers, supercharges WordPress for fast load times, reliability, and scaleability.

Each of our managed hosting accounts is built on the following stack of technical features:

  • A dedicated Ubuntu 14.04 Digital Ocean Private Hosted Droplet (no sharing of hosting resources.)
  • Modern and speedy Nginx server with micro-caching (no cache invalidation required).
  • Scalable Memory starting at 1GB.
  • Scalable Storage starting at 30GB SSD storage.
  • Unique IP address.
  • Let’s Encrypt (free) SSL certificate and secure hosting.
  • Memcached for rapid and low-maintenance page and object caching.
  • Optional Amazon S3-powered CDN for file distribution and server optimization with low-cost additional storage.
  • SSH and WP-CLI Access available.
  • ferm Firewall.
  • Git version control and Ansible deployment to staging and production environments for a reliable and seamless upgrade process.
  • Local development environments and collaboration with in-house dev team available.
  • Bower and NPM build processes allow for modern development work ows with minimized deployed assets.
  • iThemes Security plugin to prevent brute force and other attacks.


Most custom website designs will utilize one or more custom web-hosted font faces, which are typically licensed from Google Fonts, Typekit, or

We recommend a third-party daily incremental backup and security scanning service such as Vaultpress for peace of mind.


View our installation and configuration reference on our developer wiki.

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