Lyndhurst Mansion

Custom Website Design

What They Needed

Lyndhurst, a historic Gothic Revival mansion in the Hudson River Valley, recently rehabilitated its extensive grounds with new trails and landscape features.  As the COVID-19 quarantine closed the interior tour spaces, the museum needed to drive audience towards the new socially-distanceable outdoor options.

What We Accomplished

We designed a new site that features Lyndhurst’s amazing photography and collection assets, while creating a full audience journey that helps tour goers plan a day trip easily while knowing what to expect and what onsite resources exist for parking, food, and accessible walkways.

We developed an interactive grounds map that visitors can use to pinpoint their location, connect to regional trails and explore hidden architectural and landscape gems with interpretive descriptions.  The site also features a firm style guide with flexible content configuration to support a wide range of event formats as the museum experiments and innovates with a wide range of audiences.