Lyndhurst Mansion

Groundplan Rehab

What They Needed

Lyndhurst, a historic Gothic Revival mansion in the Hudson River Valley, has a packed event schedule, including museum tours every fifteen minutes, weekly events, ongoing exhibitions, and one-time special events. The Lyndhurst staff needed a system that would save them the hassle of manually entering all event details, for each instance of each event, into both their website calendar and ticketing system.

What We Accomplished

Installing the Groundplan plugin saved dozens of hours of work for the Lyndhurst staff, plus avoided errors from entering the same information multiple times. Now, event info needs to be entered just once in their PatronManager ticketing system, and all tours and performances are synced to their website calendars. Furthermore, Lyndhurst staff can easily copy previous events or edit multiple event instances with one change. We installed the Groundplan responsive monthly calendar page, plus added the option to display mini-calendars of event dates on each tour page to allow Lyndhurst to display dozens of timed entry tours per day with a usable and intuitive format.