2nd Story

GroundPlan Website

What They Needed

2nd Story is one of our favorite Chicago institutions: A collective of artists that meshes true-to-life storytelling with other sensational experiences – wine tastings, music, dining, and holiday celebrations. Like many performing arts organizations, they had two main assets to show off: a variety of exciting people and a wealth of archived stories, podcasts, and videos of the work they had created over the years.

What We Accomplished

Our GroundPlan content management system gave the staff a few simple forms to fill out for each event, person, venue, and story. A click of a button added a performer to an event, and a second click created a private contact sheet that could be emailed to the team. Event details are now updated by their staff on the fly.

Best of all, the audience engages directly by providing their own “2nd stories” – reactions left as comments right on the story archive. The design of the site then leads audiences from browsing podcasts and old stories from their favorite performers back to upcoming events, allowing rich, archived content to promote future live events, and further audience development.

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