National Alliance for Musical Theatre

Membership Site

What They Needed

The National Alliance for Musical Theatre is a service organization for musical producers that offers a range of programs that nurture the creation, development, production and presentation of new and classic musicals.  NAMT serves organizations that collectively employ over 31,000 people and stage over 24,000 performances each year – organizations that have complex and specific needs and processes to develop compelling new musicals.  NAMT hired NickXD to better automate their industry-focused directories, promote membership through premium content, and create a clear organizational hierarchy that made it easy for many audiences to understand and engage with their member benefits..

What We Accomplished

We set up an integration with NAMT’s Salesforce and PatronManager CRM database, allowing NAMT to easily keep their directories of member information and set & costume assets updated on a daily basis.  We worked with NAMT to identify the motivations and needs of their core audience members and reorganized their navigation and design to be far more usable.  Finally, we implemented more image-driven design styles to allow the content-rich site to remain clean, easily scannable and clickable.  An improved data model on the back end of the site allows NAMT administrators to keep their content updated rapidly and consistently with a minimum of effort.

“You should know that ‘It’s so EASY!’ is a thing I keep saying aloud in the office.”
– Adam Grosswirth, Membership Director