Software & Training Website

What They Needed

Our strategic partner PatronManager is a revolutionary ticketing, fundraising and marketing solution built on the innovative Salesforce CRM platform.  However, as a technology company their website look and feel was starting to show its age, and didn’t communicate the company’s true position as one of the most modern technology platforms in the ticketing industry.

What We Accomplished

Our work with PatronManager has covered many aspects of their brand — from evolving their brand voice, to creating mobile-responsive layouts for their ticketing  system, to enhancing in-app user interfaces on the Salesforce platform, to developing a completely refreshed look for their website to create a different first impression with their complex audience.

We reorganized site content to focus their message to the differentiating features and core benefits, creating a clear hierarchy of information.  We backed up the minimalist design with warm and rich contextual images and friendly original iconography that helps arts organization staff scan and get a sense of the full scope of the product’s capabilities in terms of the impact that each feature has on their business goals.